Tu Bishvat is the new year for the trees, but it is actually much more than that.
I never thought I would become so engaged in the changing seasons, and yet the weather became a very important aspect of my life.
Tu Bishvat symbolizes for me a time of new beginnings. It is almost the middle of the year, and it's not even a vacation, but this day is my alarm clock that wakes me up and says "Good morning- the spring is almost here, summer collection is under construction, hurry up!"
Nowadays I am running between sewing workshops, tailors and suppliers. There are many doubts, contemplations and decision makings, but slowly the first buds start to show.
The spring is the most beautiful season in our Moshav, the rain did its job; almost 50 shades of green, strong green, fruitful orchards and damp soil.
I went for a walk to get some air; at the end of the road there's a white farming fence that unveils bountiful pink blossom groves. Just like magic, everything around me turns to pink. Each year it startles me again.
The nature can stir magical things inside us- we just have to go outside and give it a chance.
Happy blossom day


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