Writing does not come easily to me, but for some reason I am suddenly finding myself sitting and doing it.
What happened during this trip and even what happened before it, here in this studio, was meant to be shared.
I genuinely feel it was an extraordinary experience, one that is without a doubt worth writing or reading about.
I Will start by introducing the girls. I told you before the story of how I met them, in the previous production,
but for those of you of missed it I will tell it again.
On last July, I coincidently ran into three beautiful sisters from Norway right here in Noga.
We produced a spontaneous shoot at the beach, I was completely captivated by their charm, and the rest is history.

Marian- is the first one whose gaze captured mine. She is the oldest in the group, the mature and the responsible one.
She spends her time working at a small café, waiting for the next period in her life- studying at a university in Oslo.
Sharon- is energetic, dominant and exceptionally friendly. She is starting out as a model while working at the café
with Marian. She will soon move to Australia to study photography and cinema.
Anna- is the little one, and the most introvert amongst the three. She studies at a boarding school,
and in her free time she sings at a choir and learns Hebrew.

Back to our trip. It is August, I am thinking ahead as the shooting of the new collection is near.
Crazy thought, quick telephone to Roni (Roni Knnani my in-house photographer) who waits a minute to tell me "yes!"
Another phone call to the sisters, they're in of course.
YAY!!! A decision has been made- we are flying to shoot in Norway. We have a date, we have tickets, it is happening.
It means I have one month to wrap up the collection; cut, stitch, pack and go.

The sewing work ended right at the last minute- in the morning of our flight I still had to collect some last items from the seamstresses.
One red luggage has to carry 60 samples. Nitzan from the studio took charge on packing; we folded and packed
everything up, including hangers, stand, shoes and all the rest.
I was praying there won't be overweight. I prayed for other things also along the way,
like for the equipment to arrive in one piece, and for a bright sky on the day we shoot outside.

We knew we would want to shoot a look book (an informative shooting of the outfit) during one day,
and for that we were looking for an interesting space, one that shall be large enough for the set, will have natural day light
and two bedrooms for us of course. A quick search in Airbnb provided us with the desired location. All we had left was to hope
that it looks the same in real life as it does in the pictures.
We took off and succeeded to send the luggage with no overweight! A little layover in Finland and voila- we arrived.
We took the first day to settle in, unpack and make a small introduction with the city.

We arrived at the apartment which turned out to be sheer perfection (I am of course exaggerating but we really couldn't get
luckier with it). It was located at the heart of the old city, extremely spacious and full of natural Norwegian light (it sounds good,
yet it gets even better). It was a corner building, half rounded, which means panoramic view to the city, the mountains, the harbor
and the old wood houses- it was all revealed to us the minute we walked inside. I was relieved; first check- checked.

The streets of the old city of Bergen curve uphill, narrow roads connect the houses to one another, green is everywhere,
flowers are at every corner and the air is clean and fresh. It is very picturesque, "Just like in a postcard".
I am walking and taking photos at the same time, trying not to stumble from all the beauty that surrounds me.
Down the hill the harbor is revealed along a line of colorful wood houses, which were used in the past
for merchandise that came from the sea and that are now occupied with restaurants, bars and shops.
Next to the harbor you can find the local fish market, though we preferred to wonder between the stands of fresh berries
that seemed to be picked that same morning from the nearby forest.
Before we returned to the apartment I even got the chance to note to myself a few designers' shops I want to visit.
Night falls on lovely Bergen.

Excited for the next day? I'll keep you posted.


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