First day of shooting, 09:00 AM: a knock on the door. Nice to meet Celine, our makeup artist.
Before the trip, I asked the girls to connect me with a local makeup artist, and that's how I found Celine.
We agreed on two working days, and my hunch turned out right- Celine is indeed charming and professional.
A few minutes later Sharon arrives, and we are all as excited as can be. She is so pretty it feels like a ray of sunshine
just entered. We sit together for a morning coffee to fill in some gaps. Sharon can't believe we came all the way to faraway
Bergen for her.

Each season I shoot some more conceptual atmosphere photos and some 'look book' photos- a photo shoot that is
very informative-clothes on the body and that's it. For that we didn't need all three sisters and we asked from Sharon
to be shot for this one. I wondered what the pictures would look like in our improvised studio, with the striped wallpaper in the background,the wooden floor and the glistening window.
We shot the entire collection with Sharon- dozens of Front / Back / Side items.
Sharon was wonderful and very professional.

For me it was an opportunity to clearly view the body's reaction to the collection,
what goes with what, and how everything joins together to a whole.
In between Roni stills Sharon to other spots in the apartment for some less formal photographs, because how can you not!?
It's lunch time, everyone is hungry- after all, we are working with a teenager who has more than a decent appetite.
We order Pizza that comes 15 minutes late, the delivery man apologizes and immediately cuts 50% of the price.
That's the rule; you're late, the client gets a discount. That's the way it works here, apparently.
All in all, they are very fair in Norway.

Meantime at the dining table- Oz (my husband who tagged along and took the job of production coordinator) and Celine,
the makeup artist, are planning the day for tomorrow and are busy searching for a location to shoot the sisters outside.
It's not that easy, as there are many components to consider such as transportation, equipment that must be carried, weather, toilets, parking,
etc...Celine recommends us to shoot at Floyen. She shows us some pictures and we are already struck by the beauty of it.
she does not understand our enthrallment, to her it is just some trees and nature. She does not know it is exactly
what I pictured in mind when I planned our trip.

We shoot the last 'look' and say good bye to Celine and Sharon until the next day.  
I rush to the city hoping that my design shrine- ILLUMS BOLIGH- the flagship of Danish design, is not closed yet.

A beautiful three stories space spreads in front of me. I get lost, breathing in all my favorite design labels, my eyes can't stop devouring inspiration.
At night, in the apartment, I am sitting fatigued to plan the next day.
A long and exciting day awaits us, it is The mission of our voyage- outside atmosphere shooting.
I plan a number of 'looks' ahead, putting together groups of items I would want to shoot on Sharon, Marian and Anna together.
We all go to sleep, full of expectations for our meeting tomorrow morning with the three sisters.


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