We wake up before the birds to a rainy day. The rain drops cover the windows,
and I take my umbrella to go the local grocery shop to buy all the goods required for an Israeli breakfast.
I have a special fondness for supermarkets abroad, so I take my time to linger, and I explore all the exquisite packages.
The team arrives. I am thrilled to see the dynamics between the three sisters and how lovely they look together
when we start hair and makeup.

The skies are clearing outside, we decided to take advantage of the neighborhood's beauty and shoot the first set
in it- the picturesque town meets the sisters.
By and by we also meet the owner of the apartment. We introduce our friends to him; he is impressed,
and he tells us about his wife being a former super model and about him owning three apartments in the building.
Rapt, we continue to our way. There is some important information about him we are yet to discover.
Everything is wet, and the smell of rain penetrates our soul.

We are heading to the forest.
It takes a few moments for our breath to settle from the sights that are revealed before our eyes: 50 shades of green (not ones that we are used to see in our areas), ducks, rocks, red boat houses, stones beach, oyster mushrooms and plenty of water.
I collect leaves, moist forest mold, seaweeds and stones from the ground.
They gaze at me with wander: "What, don't you have forests in Israel?"

The photoshoot is advancing in harmony, together with the weather that changed for the better since the morning.
We change five sets, thinking where in the forest should we shoot them. Wondrously, each set gets its perfect spot.
We get to the last one- wide stripes sweatshirt finds his destination on the green springboard.
Out heroic girls go on it fearless- you do everything for a good shot.
We conclude the day that turned out beyond our expectations.

We get the girls home, and their mother insists on making us a local dinner- Salmon with root vegetables.
While the casserole is in the oven, I teach her how to make tahina.
She serves us dessert in the balcony, while we admire the view. We feel like we can see all of Bergen from there.
Time has come to say goodbye to the girls, and I can't help by thinking whether it is goodbye for good.
What are the chances for us to see each other again?


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