Last day In Bergen and we take the time to become tourists.
We grab a sit at the neighborhood café to plan the day effectively, after all we have only one day.
We thought it would be pretty to see the city from above, there is great visibility and we go by cable to the top of the mountain.
At the point of view the whole city spreads before our eyes- the port, the docking boats and if you make an effort you can see
the beginning of fiords in the horizon.
We decided to do the way down by foot, we could use a small workout. Everything smells wet, the air is clean and pure.

Its Sunday. A lot of typical Norwegians families are around, hiking as we do, in their free day, only they do it on the way up.
Hiking is a routine here. After one and a half hour of going down we got back to the city.We have a free hour for lunch and
I have a craving for hot soup. It's cold and wintery outside and it will fit right in. After I insist, we find the desired spot-
a small roasting house with a few seats and a hysterical local magazine.
Three bowls of orange soup arrive at the table.

Suddenly we realize that in five minutes our cruise sets off, a small detail I forgot to point out so far: Bergen is the city of
departure for all trips to the Atlantic ocean's fiords.
We grab our bags and start to run. After a short marathon, we reach the boat, just at the second it leaves the dock.
We sail to a fiord called Skjerjehamn, and we can now see the city from the sea: a line of wooden houses at the same height,
with high rooftops, varied in colors, stand along the shoreline, touching each other for centuries.
This quarter was used in the middle ages for merchant stores and today it is occupied with restaurants and leisure houses.
Deep inside the ocean there are forces of nature that are hard for the eye to contain.
It is relaxing and inundating at the same time.
Because of lack time we chose a half-day trip. There are people who do this for weeks- I can easily understand them.

In the evening, at the apartment, I pack the collection again in the luggage, take a deep breath
and say good bye to the apartment and to the gorgeous view. We engage in a typical Israeli conversation-
the housing status in Bergen. We are curious to know how the owners (a young beautiful couple) could buy three apartments here in the building.
A quick google search gives us the answer: the landlord is no other than Eirik boe, half of the duo "Kings of convenience",
a Norwegian duo with remarkable albums who toured all around the world. It is nice to know that we are sleeping at the apartment of a Rockstar and a super model.
We listen to the playlist of "Kings of Convenience" until we fall asleep.

Good night Bergen- Good morning Tel Aviv.

The whole collection is in the store now- we invite to come, listen to the playlist and chill with us.
Here's a link to the playlist-…


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