I am surrounded by creative, independent, strong women.
I met Yaara 4 years ago, when we both participated in the design week fair in Holon.
My business was just sprouting and I looked at Yaara with admiration.
It was not hard to fall immediately in love with her clean designed, simple lined utensils, as well as with her modesty.
For this wonderful day, I invite you to an inspiring chat with the designer Yaara Nir Kachlon- about her business, her big breakthrough and living in the northern part of the Negev.
A pleasant surprise- very soon our beautiful utensils collection will arrive at the studio. You are invited, and HAPPY WOMEN'S DAY!



It started with small intentions. Small, but with my utmost important rule that it must be as sharp and attuned as can be.
And so, after graduating from Bezalel and with a full tank of inspiration from studying in New York for a while, I started playing with a technique that I developed and took a special interest in.
The result fascinated me. It was so unique that I started thinking I would be the only one to like it, because it really didn't look like anything else that I encountered at that time.
I started creating my small collection with the items I wanted home the most, and I made phone calls to set up meetings with a few shop owners.
Right from the start I turned only to places that I highly appreciate. I was not aiming high in particularly, but I just couldn't see my items fitting in places that do not share the same character as my objects.
The orders were not late to come and very early on my utensils were already sitting on the shelves of Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Comme il faut, Hanuta, Makon and more, but in relatively small quantities.
Together with this joyful beginning, my first pregnancy and the birth of my oldest son came along. I decided to put everything aside for a while. I felt like I can take my time, and that when I'll be available again for work, I will return to it. My oldest son was followed by my second son, who was followed by my twin girls. I made some progress at work in between yet I did it cautiously, in measured steps. I felt that in order to really be in the business, I have to dedicate myself to it entirely, something I could not do at that time, as I felt like I cannot be anywhere else than with my children at home.
When the girls were one year old, we took a sharp turn and moved to a Moshav in the northern area of the Negev. Guy, my husband, had a dream about doing agriculture there, and I decided to go along with it.
He reconstructed a splendid studio for me, hoping that it would help me get back to work and so it did. We started afresh, and it felt very primal and exciting. There's a reason why the business flourished from there to places I didn't even dream of.

For the first time in five years, all my children were in the education system, and so I had some quiet time to sprint back towards the direction that was waiting for me. And so, I did. I expanded the initial collection to a variety of models and went back to the shops that I worked with. At the same time, I approached other places that kept surprising me with their positive response, and invited me without hesitation.
I started a new schedule of manufacture and supply, photoshoot, website design, branding and I even got some help at the studio. I made sure to renovate with new designs and to be attentive to the environment, regarding needs and functions.
Two years later I made a New York spring visit with my sister-in-law, and took with me in my bag the catalogue and some models. Without thinking too much, I woke up one morning and found myself in the most splendid store in New York, 'ABC HOME'. It is one of my favorite places in Manhattan; the kind of place you go into with a jar, open it to take all the air in and close it to save some for later, the kind of shop you can stroll in for hours... In a partly-innocent, partly-rude fashion, I found a salesman in the utensils department, put my examples and catalogue in his hand and asked him kindly to give it to the department's buyer. I received a phone call the next day with an invitation for a meeting.
It's been six years since that day and I can definitely say it was a huge turning point for me. In one night, I turned from a studio that produces a few dozens of items to a studio that produces 1200 items per order, with a hardcore deadline, which only Americans are capable of giving.
I have been sending my utensils to 'ABC' for six consecutive years. We have an amazing connection and I am grateful for this not-at-all-obvious opportunity. I am glad I didn't give up, even though the guard at the entrance of 'ABC' made fun of me when I told him the reason I came there.
Working with 'ABC' opened some opportunities for me, and gave me an appetite for more. I continued making connections and sent my materials to other places, among them the large chain store, 'Anthropologie'.

Being a woman who owns her own business and a full-time mom at a distant settlement in the south of Israel is quite a challenge. At the beginning, I was in a constant search for the ideal way to split my time. I forced myself to wake up every morning to go to work (just at the back of my house), even though I had laundry, dishes in the sink, and lunch to prepare. I got used to handling household matters at the end of my self-set work hours, and to jangle everything together when all my family were already home. I concentrated all my trips and arrangement for one day a week and with time I learnt to also stop and enjoy the time in between, instead of running like crazy from one kindergarten to another.
Working from the south is a blessing. The pace is different here; for me these are the ideal terms to develop and create. I have no doubt that the atmosphere here nourishes me with something that doesn't exist in other places. The added value is to see my daughters running between mommy's studio to the nearby chicken coop and to know that they watch, hear and observe everything that implies from it, without me having to say a word.
Yaara's website: www.studioyaara.co.il



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